Social Media Ad Spending – Which African Company Could Share The Billions

eMarketer has estimated the distribution of social media ad spending dollars for 2011 and 2012. Of course, this study was done before the era of Google+. This is the breakdown:


Facebook  $4.05 billion (2011), $5.74 b (2012)

Myspace $0.19b (2011), $0.16 b(2012)

Twitter $0.15b(2011), $0.25b(2012)


Now, the question: is there any African company that can participate in this league? We mean any prospect of any African originated company competing in this level, at least in the next five years. There is a lot of money to be made. The barrier of entry is high because of network effect (people will not easily leave from a network where there are many folks) but the technology aspect is not. If you start, the chance is there.


To our readers, send us link if you know any African firm that is destined to play at this level in coming years. We want to know.


This company comes in mind when you think of small firms that can migrate Nigerian businesses to the ad networks, if it executes and gets funding.


Adloopz is an integrated social advertising service that allows people to connect with others who have services or products of benefit to them. Adloopz helps people to spread the news of their products/services via adverts they create on Adloopz which gets shared across several social networks. Yes, Adloopz allows you to post adverts, share them with your friends and followers, and also lets others do the same.  And at the end, they provide some really nice statistics that let you know how your adverts are doing.


Another good one is Bloovue


BloovueBloovue helps advertisers connect with their audiences by providing simple and affordable online advertising on the largest online publishers in Nigeria.



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