Outsourcing Business Model For Africa – The Time To Take Off Is Now


Over the last few years, Africa has proven its capacity to reinvent itself through better governance and economics structures. It has a very young population with a dynamic business environment. The local businesses have become more innovative and corporate governance has improved. It is increasingly developing capability in critical areas of technology with some African engineers providing innovative solutions to global challenges.


Yet, Africa does not have any considerable share of the global outsourcing market. Europe and North America are not looking at Africa despite our comparative low wage and democratic institutions when compared to Asia. Accordingly, we think there is a need to develop this business and position the redesign that is taking place in the continent to the world.


We want the world to engage talented Africans in critical areas of technology and business in general. What can the continent do? These are areas for actions:


  • A business model to help bring outsourcing to Africa. It may not be very hi-tech today, but we are ready for ethical clinical trials, packaging, data entry, CRM support, local consulting, etc.
  • Develop an execution strategy that is fluidic and adaptive to Africa and its conditions.
  • Link our firms to reputable global network that will us position African firms to growing international opportunities. We need contacts to China, US, Europe, Latin America and indeed all parts of the world. Where is the network that supports outsourcing and joins ventures? We need that entrance.
  • A world-class website, communication and brand plan to help change the perception and move businesses to look for opportunities in Africa.
  • Get international institutions connect to African schools for research and grant making in a more direct and less bureaucratic way.
  • “Today, we need people who understand Asia, European and American businesses. We need website designers and builders. Networked business icons. Consultants that are experts in creating things from zero. Together we will establish a one stop platform where outsourcing will reach Africa.”


So you got an idea in any of these areas, email Tekedia. Maybe the more we talk about it, the more the nations take action. There are many great things in the continent that can appeal to the world if we make them right.

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