What Happens To African Art? Maybe, Technology Could Bring A Spark. Same Goes For Movie Industry


The reality is that Africa has many areas it dominates the world. Unfortunately, many of them are not communicated to the world in a very good way. What if some entrepreneurs decide to build a website that will become a gateway of new Africa in areas we have major competence. We have thought about African arts and how we can have a portal that creates a gateway for our artists to connect to the world.   We have the famous Bini or Bein artists who despite centuries of arts have not made inroads into the world. They are exhibits in top US universities, but in auction, they get nothing while less glamorous and less sophisticated ones from French make millions of dollars.


Move over art? What of the Nollywood where despite the talents have not lived to the full potentials. The market is still largely African. The stride to the external world has not happened.


Nigeria has the largest movie industry in Africa. It produces more movies than Hollywood every year. It is a very dynamic and competitive industry, yet, it has not made inroads except in Africa. Could someone develop a plan to showcase this tradition to the world because it needs to happen? What is the model, a plan and website  besides the usual communication and networking to see how respected studios could devout certain days to show Nigerian movies and hopefully we can create a penetration in other markets. Nollywood leaders must take this seriously because Nigerian films are not winning international awards.


Let some of the arts graduates in this nation become entrepreneurial and build this nation. Let them get in touch with the techies in Lagos and partner with them to build a structure they can explore around the world. The art and the movie industries of Africa could bring respect to our creativity if there are people that will take up the challenge and do the right things. It is time for arts and movie to evolve. Technology is available to help that process.

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