The Covid-19 Opportunism – A Call for Demarketing

The Covid-19 Opportunism – A Call for Demarketing

Yes, everyone knows the name, but how many actually have any real ideas of its true identity? What about its roots, travel path and duration. We have all borne witness to the ebbs and flows of this pandemic, lockdowns and the ease of these not to mention the sporadic spikes impacting upon travel bans, reopening and re closing borders, mixed-messages of easing lockdown, conflicts over the management of infected persons – hydroxychloroquine being one of the most contentious in this regard. 

My key concern is not quite about what scientists have published thus far, but more about the glut in social sciences publications on the little known globally unwelcome visitor. It is a stark reminder of an article I wrote about the demarketing of higher education where I pointed out the failings in the scramble by many British universities to launch sports courses in the aftermath of London having won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. 

Many of those course launches hardly ever got off the ground and it seems like no real lessons seemed to have been learnt. Perhaps academia needs to embrace caution in churning out Covid19-related articles until the Jury is back in. For now, the Jury is still out!

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 It probably makes sense for demarketing Covid19 social science research.

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