People, Nigeria Is Making Progress – Election Results Show Emerging Independent Voters

People, Nigeria Is Making Progress – Election Results Show Emerging Independent Voters

Good Morning Nigeria, we made it. In the deepest of the night, right into the valleys of tension which enveloped this nation on Friday night, we made it. Saturday came, we did the election, and it is now past. Today is Sunday – the day of resurrection – and we still have a nation.

For Nigeria to reach the mountaintop, or depart from the solid bounds of this earth into a promised future, deep into the planetary ecclesiastical domain of abundance, your VOTE is a critical fuel for that economic spaceship.

I want to thank all of you for the decency, honor and values. This election has reinforced my optimistic exuberance on the character, resilience and spirit of the Nigerian people. I never believed that a major presidential candidate will lose in his polling unit. I never thought that an incumbent vice president will lose in his polling unit. I had never imagined that a former president who has vigorously campaigned for a major presidential candidate will lose the party in his polling unit. And the BIGGEST – I never conceived in my imagination that a challenger will defeat an incumbent president in the seat of power’s polling unit.

People, Nigeria is making progress. You may think it is still the miry clay but I tell you that the green pastures are emerging. Citizens are making decisions, on themselves, by themselves, for themselves, and that is beautiful. Yes, even a president cannot count on people that work for him. And a major candidate cannot take for granted his own fellow community members. That is democracy – independence of the voting minds for the collective pursuit of excellence in governance.

As I go through the results – I smile. Apolitical, neutral and unbiased, I can see citizens that are becoming truly independent inside the polling booths. This is amazing – congratulations, my fellow citizens.

Yet – the election itself was poorly organized. I cannot say it was free and fair. But that was on the politicians and the electoral umpire. But for the citizens, it was progress of the voting minds.

LIVE UPDATE- Nigeria 2019 General Election Results – President, Senate, House of Representatives


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