Three HUGE Election Results in Nigeria

Three HUGE Election Results in Nigeria

Three results to believe in Nigeria because from today our political system will never be the same. Yes, INEC and politicians have works to do but the Nigerian People delivered beyond any imagination.

Vice President Osinbajo lost APC to PDP on president, senate and House of Representatives in his polling unit.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has won the election for all positions at the polling unit of the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo.

The PDP won in the two voting points of the Polling Unit 033.

For the presidential election, the PDP polled 425 votes while the APC had 229.

For the senatorial election, the PDP had 414 votes while the APC had 261.

For the House of Representatives election, the PDP had 268 while the APC had 190 votes.

Former Vice President Atiku (running as president on PDP platform) lost his polling unit to his main opposition party, APC.

President Buhari lost at his place of work (Aso Villa polling units) to his main opposition party, PDP.

Simply, Nigerians – neighbors, families, workers etc – are now taking the future of their nation seriously. No more herding and the powers of gatekeepers seem to be weakening. Please do not tell me that it does not matter – it does.  That Prof Osinbajo lost in his polling unit? That former VP Atiku lost in his? That President Buhari could not convince his workers and environs? Those are key results!

Please give credits to Whatsapp, Facebook and mobile internet where people can get details about these politicians and their works, unfiltered. No more information asymmetry where only the gatekeepers can shape a village voting pattern. Now, with Facebook, everyone has access to the same information, helping to drive this unprecedented independence in the voting booths. Let this independence continues despite any paralysis from INEC! Yes, more independence on voting, people – this is an inflectxion point in Nigerian politics!

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COMMENT: These loses speak volume Prof. I’m yet to fully verify that of Atiku losing in his polling unit cos reports have it that it’s false. We shall see. But others are confirmed!!. If these results are anything to go by, it’s imperative that the messiah is not anywhere near sight. ‘A man that cannot lead his own home is an infidel’ , after all ‘ Charity they say,

MY RESPONSE: Atiku result is confirmed. Click my piece, his aides did confirm but flipped it: yes, Buhari won but did not get as much votes as in 2015! Go figure! Though Moghalu was never in it – his own lost in his polling unit in Anambra was something else. Simply, neighbors did not care: time for me to choose who can deliver better future for me and my family. He/she does not have to come from this village or city. That is the message Nigerians should preach.

No matter what happens, I see that as a huge shift in our political evolution as a nation.  I will be speaking next week in Lagos on the implication of this election. My thesis is that if we keep this trajectory, governance will improve. And if INEC steps out, Nigeria will advance faster because only results will win elections in future. Disintermediation in the political system by unbundling information asymmetry is on.

People, Nigeria Is Making Progress – Election Results Show Emerging Independent Voters


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2 thoughts on “Three HUGE Election Results in Nigeria

  1. Very interesting as long as you don’t get too carried away. The major ongoing discussion in the US now is about the influence of social media, as manipulated by foreign powers, on our last presidential election. Government will improve when Nigerian leaders see themselves as human beings born within the geographical boundaries of Nigeria and looked upon just like any other black person, not people who have become enlightened enough to be at the same level as Europeans or British who as such are entitled or determined to continue treating the country as a plantation transferred to them by the British. It will improve when the Nigerian congress becomes a place where leaders go to serve the people not share the limited resources of the country among themselves.


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