Selected Testimonials from Tekedia Mini-MBA Participants

Selected Testimonials from Tekedia Mini-MBA Participants

We have put them together: selected testimonials from our participants. Our mission is simple: nurture innovators and project champions, and accelerate their leadership & managerial ascent. Check here for the next edition of Tekedia Mini-MBA.

From a sample survey, we received 4.7 of 5 from our co-learners and members. We will keep improving.

A Letter from a leading manufacturer – Soulmate Industries Ltd


A testimonial from a Tekedia Mini-MBA 1st edition participant, Franklin Okafor FCCA, CFE: “The program was ‘loaded’. Informative. Insightful. Practical and knowledge-filled. I’m better off than when i started in February.” He then throws a challenge: “If you have the means, please register for the next batch starting on the 22nd of June. Thanks Ndubuisi and the entire faculty.” Source: LinkedIn

“a great learning platform ” Source

Class Assignment a sample from a participant.

Amazing testimonial from Singapore on Tekedia Mini-MBA. 



From a business leader – he shared experiences from Tekedia Mini-MBA

Tekedia – A Disruptive Product In An ‘eduflation’ Market – JOHN MC KEOWN

Thank you OLEGHIBE-MOORE KINGSLEY BSc Acc,MBF,MSc Fin,PGDE,TRCN for choosing Tekedia Institute for your continuous education needs.

He has two job offers (source)


A feedback from a learner to a faculty (source)

Strategic Objectives and Technology Investments

Sources: LinkedIn and Tekedia

Note here.

A participant received a promotion after implementing a playbook in our session.

“Sir, I am overjoyed. I just received a promotion. On Thursday, I sent to my CEO a Covid-19 Continuity Plan, using the template you made available in Tekedia mini-MBA class. Early today, management asked me to present it via video. Ten minutes ago, I received an email from Head Admin that management wants me to execute that template, and they also promoted me. I am also getting a refund for my personal investment on this training. I want to say thank you to all the faculty for this service.”

He got a job elevation

Source: Comment section

Our participants are advancing their firms

Participant class assignment

  • From a Fellow of Chartered Accountants and a Bank Manager, here is a testimonial, below. Source: LinkedIn

A sample of a participant’s work

“Sir, I discarded my business plan and used the Week 1 business canvas on the Challenge Assignment. Today, I am happy to share that less is indeed better: we received $25,000 from an investor. I want to thank all the faculty especially Mr. Azeez Lawal. His course on Fundraising with African sense is the best ever. I also thank you for a statement in one of the class videos, “Your customer can be your investor. Believe this… the best investors are customers”. This investor is a customer and we will begin by serving his company even though we are a separate company.” from a Tekedia Mini-MBA participant.

“This program has been so insightful” – Tekedia Mini-MBA Testimonial

Source: see link below

An Executive Director who sent 4 staff wrote, thanking us. Interestingly, I am not sure my team gave any special discount. Possibly, they got the usual 20% off for registering at least four people. Certainly, I receive this on behalf of our Faculty. Ecosa Hybrid Network Limited, we wish you more opportunities in the market.

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Graduation Day Note – Tekedia Mini-MBA Edition 1 [Video]

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